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Resources Available at Krum Heritage Museum


                                   KRUM, TEXAS & KRUM FAMILIES:

1. Krum Death Certificates from 1900 to 1976

2. Krum Birth & Marriage records

3. Various old newspaper Articles from Krum Banner & Denton Record Chronicle ranging

from 1896 to 1977

4. Obituaries-3 books plus alphabetized index cards on each individual

5. Information on F & M bank robberies

6 Land records from Charles Despallier land bounty

7. Krum Census Records-1790-1930-on computer

8. Copy of the Krum United Methodist Church Register- 1886 to 1925-list of pastors,

baptisms, marriages, members

9. Listing of burials at Jackson & Plainview Cemeteries

10. General Laws of The State of Texas Passed by 37th Legislature -1921- Krum Independent School District

11. Reminisces of Boys in Gray 1861-1865 Compiled by Miss Mamie Yeary in 1912-has sketch on C.H. Jackson Krum

12. 21st Annual Report of United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior

1899- 1900- Several mentions of folks at Krum

13. Dr. Gose ledgers-lists names of patients

14. R.L. Cole Mill,Grain & Oil Company ledgers-lists names of customers

15. Fowler Hardware Ledgers-lists names of customers

16. McClister-Lamm Mercantile Ledgers-lists names of customers

17. Book 1: Krum School Board Minutes 1903-1935-abridged by Mary Ruth Briscoe; School

Board Meeting Notes Book 2: 1935-1946 full text and Book 3 1946-1956-full text.

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