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                      Books & Videos

1.Krum ,Texas The Story of a Small Town-By Della Davis - $25

2.The Heritage Gallery of Krum Texas- By Della Davis - $35

3. Veterans Buried at Jackson & Plainview Cemeteries-By Della Davis

& Kathryn Dodd- $20

4. Images of America, KRUM -By Della Davis & George Hubbard -$ 21.99

5. Krum Families-By Kathryn Dodd & Della Davis-$ 35

1.                      2.                          3.                          4.                         5.

List of Names included in the Krum Families Book # 5: Baker, Bale, Barnett, Barry, Barthold, Benton, Bilyeu, Boenker, Borth, Bridges, Briscoe, Burg, Burton, Caddell, Cheatham, Chism, Clement, Clevenger, Cofer, Cox, Davidson, Dodd, Dyer, Egan, Enis, Ericson, Evans, Fairman, Ferrell, Finley, Foster, Fowler, Garrison, Gibbins, Ginnings, Gose, Graham, Hall, Hartin, Harvey, Hayes, Helton, Herring, Holland, Hopkins, Isbell, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kimbrough, Knight, Knox, Koiner, Lamm, Lamonica, Lindley, Marrs, McBee, McClister, McCormick, McDaniel, McFarlin, McGee, McKinney, Medlin, Miller, Mitchell, Monschke, Morris, Mounts, Muncy, Myers, Park, Parkey, Radecke, Riley, Rucker, Schluter, Schultz, Shifflett, Smith, South, Sparks, Standifer, Starnes, Tindle, Trietsch, Wallace, Wilkins, Wilson, Yeary

                         DVD/Videos About Krum

1. Then & Now - Krum Texas- Pictorial history-By Kathryn Dodd

2. Krum Bank Robberies-By Kathryn Dodd

3. Krum Before Krum-From Buffalo To The Barnett Shale-By Max Marrs

Contact Kathryn Dodd at for any of the items above you are interested in. Shipping and handling will also be added to the costs.  

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